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  1. pcrepair

    Power on without power button

    It sounds like you've explored several potential solutions to your power button issue. Here are a few additional suggestions and steps to try: 1. Enabling Power On by Keyboard Although you mentioned that you don't have this option in your BIOS, it's worth double-checking under various sections...
  2. pcrepair

    intermittent mechanical? power-up failure

    If you have a spare, known-good PSU, try connecting it to your system to see if the problem persists. Use a PSU tester if available to check the voltages and functionality of your current PSU.
  3. pcrepair

    Pc shows no sign of life

    It sounds like a serious issue, but there are several steps you can take to diagnose and potentially fix your PC. Here's a structured approach to troubleshoot the problem: Initial Checks Power Supply: Ensure the power supply switch is turned on. Double-check all power cables to make sure they...
  4. pcrepair

    will they fit together

    The components you listed are not compatible as is. Here's the detailed compatibility analysis: Motherboard: MSI MPG B550 GAMING PLUS CPU Socket: AM4 Compatible CPUs: AMD Ryzen series processors Graphics Card: NVIDIA RTX 3060 This graphics card is compatible with almost all modern...
  5. pcrepair

    Fan speed show 0Rpm on Lenovo Thinkpad T14s Ryzen pro 7

    It's not normal for the fan speed to consistently show 0 RPM, especially if the laptop is overheating. This indicates a problem with either the fan itself, the fan sensor, or the fan control circuitry. Here are some steps to diagnose and potentially fix the issue: 1. Check the Fan Connection...
  6. pcrepair

    Dell Optiplex GX280 not booting

    Good to know that the issues has been resolved
  7. pcrepair

    Dell G7 laptop screen problem

    It sounds like there might be an issue with the backlight or the connection between the screen and the motherboard. Have you checked the backlight to see if it's functioning properly? If the backlight is fine, then the issue might lie with the connection or the new screen itself. Double-check...
  8. pcrepair

    Black screen at start up

    Since you've tried different GPUs and RAM modules, and even reinstalled Windows, it might be worth checking the power connections to ensure everything is securely plugged in. Additionally, you could try booting with minimal hardware configuration (e.g., one RAM stick, no GPU if your motherboard...
  9. pcrepair

    MSI GF75 monitor/power circuit burnt out

    It's good that there's no visible damage to the motherboard. The burnt smell could have been from the super glue reacting to the heat of the laptop, which is quite common. As for opening the .cad file, you'll need CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software to view it. If you don't have one installed...
  10. pcrepair

    Remote Desktop Connection has no sound

    Since the issue seems to be specific to Remote Desktop Connection and not your system or other applications, it could be related to its configuration or settings. Have you checked the audio settings within Remote Desktop Connection itself? There might be an option there to enable sound...
  11. pcrepair

    Screen flicker and BIOS settings issue

    It sounds like a BIOS setting might be causing the issue. Try checking for any BIOS updates for your HP Pavilion 15cs3065st model. Sometimes, manufacturers release BIOS updates to address compatibility issues and improve system stability. Additionally, you could try adjusting power management...
  12. pcrepair

    PC freezes and crashes, whats the problem?

    It sounds like you've already done some troubleshooting, which is great. Since you've ruled out temperature issues and conducted stress tests without any problems, it's possible that the motherboard could be the culprit, especially given the symptoms you've described. To further diagnose whether...
  13. pcrepair

    motherboard M4HM87P Rev. 1.0 unknown ic

    Typically, if an IC has burned out on a motherboard, it's best to consult the manufacturer's website for a schematic diagram or contact their customer support for assistance. You could also try searching for the motherboard model number along with "schematic diagram" or "circuit diagram" online...
  14. pcrepair

    MSI raider fan heat sink issues

    It's possible to try oiling the fan, but it might require delicate disassembly and could void any warranty. Alternatively, you could search for compatible replacement fans online using the laptop model number or consult with a computer repair specialist for guidance
  15. pcrepair

    HP Pavilion - New battery won't charge

    It sounds like you've done a thorough job troubleshooting. Since you're getting charging voltage to the mainboard and the battery is confirmed to be working, it's less likely to be a battery or AC adapter issue. Given that the HP diagnostic tool indicates the AC adapter isn't connected, even...
  16. pcrepair

    Plugged or Soldered?

    It's great that you're being cautious! From the images you provided, it seems like the connectors on the replacement part are stack connectors, which typically indicate they're plugged in rather than soldered. To confirm, you can gently try to disconnect the connectors from the old part. If they...
  17. pcrepair

    Lenovo Q24i-20 Monitor

    It's unlikely that simply turning off the monitor would cause such a significant change in behavior. However, it's possible that there might be some configuration settings on your Windows 10 PC related to monitor arrangement or display settings that could have been inadvertently altered. You...
  18. pcrepair

    Old Desktop Pc not turning on

    First, the fact that nothing is powering on could indicate a power supply problem or potentially a motherboard issue. Since you're new to PC repairs, I'd recommend starting with the basics: Check the power supply: Ensure it's properly connected to both the wall outlet and the motherboard. You...
  19. pcrepair

    PC Is Extremely Loud When Gaming

    Based on the video and the information provided, it sounds like the loud noise could be coming from either the CPU fan or the GPU fan when under heavy load during gaming. Since you've already tried some troubleshooting steps like cleaning and reinstalling the GPU drivers, it might be worth...
  20. pcrepair

    Dell Optiplex GX280 not booting

    It sounds like there could be several potential issues with your Dell Optiplex GX280. The fact that nothing is displaying on the monitor and you're not hearing the usual startup sounds could indicate a hardware problem, possibly with the motherboard, graphics card, or RAM. Here are some steps...