Black screen at start up


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Hi everyone,
First time here, thanks in advance for the help. I'm at a loss for my computer. I did a driver update for my GPU last week, when it restarted, it just stayed on a black screen. The black screen kind of brightens a little to make it look like it's about to boot, it's weird lol. So I then tried restarting to get into bios. It did the same thing, just black screen. I took the GPU out , sprayed it with some air. When I put it back in, the bios came up, but then when I get out of the bios, it goes back to black. Other things I've tried. I put my old gtx 1060 in, black screen. I've put different memory in, black screen. I've reset the cmos. I was just going to start a fresh windows, so I was able to boot to a flash drive and install Windows, but when it restarted after the install, black screen. So... Any thoughts?
Specs below ...

Ams 5800x
MSI x570s carbon wifi
Gskill trident 3600
Xfx 6700xt
EVGA 1000w PSU
WD Black 1tb m2


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Since you've tried different GPUs and RAM modules, and even reinstalled Windows, it might be worth checking the power connections to ensure everything is securely plugged in. Additionally, you could try booting with minimal hardware configuration (e.g., one RAM stick, no GPU if your motherboard supports integrated graphics) to see if that changes anything. If you're still encountering the issue, it might be worth contacting the manufacturer's support for further assistance or considering if there's a hardware failure.