HP Pavilion - New battery won't charge


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so I forgot to turn off my Laptop (HP Pavilion 15-eg0355ng) overnight and it completely discharged the battery. That happened before but I could just plug the AC adapter in, let it charge for a minute and then just turn it on normaly. This time that didn't work. when I connected the AC adapter the charge-indicator LED didn't turn red as usual, when I tried turning it on that same LED blinked white 3 times. I searched for that online and found that thats probably a really dead battery (makes sense, right). So I ordered a new battery and replaced the old one. The result of that was that the Laptop now turns back on but (stil) doesn't charge. I checked the AC adapter (one of those universal ones) and found that I had to do some fixing on that one for it to work properly. But that didn't solve my problem. I checked the AC adapter on another laptop and it works. So the AC adapter is fine. I measured the battery voltage which was good. I checked that I get charging voltage to the connector on the mainboard which was there.
I also tried putting the old battery back in after I fixed the AC adapter but that didn't charge neither.
I also ran the HP self diagnosis tool after I installed the new battery which told me the battery was fine but no AC adapter was connected (which I of course connected).

List of what happened:
-Laptop discharged
-replaced dead Battery with new one
-confirmed the new Battery works
-confirmed the AC adapter works
-confirmed I'm getting charging voltage to the Mainboard
-HP Tool says battery is good but AC adapter not connected

Now I dont really know what could be the fault here. Maybe its the charge port in the laptop (which I could easiely replace) but I dont really believe that since I'm getting voltage to the connector on the Mainboard and the charge indicator LED worked after I let the battery discharge.

Hope somebody has an idea what could be wrong.


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It sounds like you've done a thorough job troubleshooting. Since you're getting charging voltage to the mainboard and the battery is confirmed to be working, it's less likely to be a battery or AC adapter issue. Given that the HP diagnostic tool indicates the AC adapter isn't connected, even though it is, there might be an issue with the laptop's charging circuitry or the charging port itself. Considering the LED behavior and the previous discharge incident, it's plausible that there's a deeper issue with the laptop's power management system. You could try contacting HP support for further assistance or consider taking it to a professional technician for a more in-depth diagnosis