Lenovo Q24i-20 Monitor


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The strangest thing happened. I'm using dual monitors with my Windows 10 PC for over a year. The Lenovo monitor is #1 in Landscape and a Dell #2 in portrait mode.
Suddenly the Lenovo goes blank and all the icons on its desktop are transferred to the Dell #2.
I replaced the Lenovo with another Dell monitor and everything returned to normal.
I then connect the Lenovo to another PC and it works perfectly. After all this I decide to reconnect the Lenovo to the original PC and the same thing happens, it does'nt
I find this very strange. I'm wondering if in error I might have touched the wrong keys when shutting down the PC, or the Lenovo monitor needs setting up properly.
The control buttons are on the rear of the monitor and when I shut the monitor off I just reach my finger behind and turn it off. Sometimes I touch the wrong buttons in error, since I'm not seeing them.
Any assistance in helping me fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.



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It's unlikely that simply turning off the monitor would cause such a significant change in behavior. However, it's possible that there might be some configuration settings on your Windows 10 PC related to monitor arrangement or display settings that could have been inadvertently altered.
You might want to check your display settings in Windows 10 to ensure that both monitors are configured correctly. Also, make sure that the drivers for both monitors are up to date. Sometimes, updating or reinstalling the drivers can resolve unexpected behavior.
If the issue persists, you could try resetting the display settings to their default values and then reconfigure them according to your preferences. This can often resolve strange display issues.
Additionally, it might be worth checking for any software updates or firmware updates for your monitor to ensure that it's functioning optimally with your PC.
If you're still experiencing problems after trying these steps, it could be helpful to reach out to technical support for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps or determine if there's a hardware issue with either the monitor or the PC.