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Hello world.
Quick story, while i playing games,my monitor suddenly have no display, end of story.

When i turn on the pc, it's seem normal, cpu fan is running and no beep sound but no display.

Here's what i did,
1. Changing cable, including switching from vga to hdmi, no display.
2. Tried my monitor to other pc, all good.
3. Cleaning my ram, no display
4. Reset bios, no display.
5. I tried my power supply to other OLD pc, its fine, but when i put my current gpu gtx1060 in it, the bios didn't let me pass, i think its just the old motherboard didn't support the gpu, but without gpu its seem fine.

What i didn't do because i don't have extra,
1. Switch ram
2. Switch power supply

My habit before this happen, whenever i stop using my pc, i didn't turn off the power switch on the power supply.

So, what is the problem then?


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Further Troubleshooting Steps​

  1. Reseat the GPU:
    • Make sure the GPU is properly seated in its slot. Remove it and reinstall it to ensure a good connection.
  2. Check for GPU Power:
    • Ensure that any necessary power connectors to the GPU are securely connected.
  3. Test with Integrated Graphics:
    • If your CPU/motherboard supports integrated graphics, remove the GPU and connect your monitor to the motherboard’s display output. This can help determine if the GPU is the problem.
  4. Check BIOS Settings:
    • Enter the BIOS setup (usually by pressing a key like F2, F10, DEL, or ESC during boot) and ensure that the primary display output is set to the correct option (PCIe if using a dedicated GPU).
  5. Inspect for Physical Damage:
    • Check the motherboard and GPU for any visible signs of damage such as burnt components, blown capacitors, or bent pins.
  6. Clear CMOS:
    • Resetting the BIOS settings by clearing the CMOS. This can sometimes resolve display issues.
      • Turn off the computer and unplug it.
      • Locate the CMOS battery on the motherboard and remove it for a few minutes, then reinsert it and try booting again.
  7. Check for Overheating:
    • Ensure that all fans and heatsinks are functioning properly and that there is no dust buildup causing overheating.
  8. Listen for Beep Codes:
    • If your motherboard has a speaker, listen for any beep codes when you power on the system. These codes can indicate hardware issues.

Potential Causes​

  1. GPU Failure:
    • Since your monitor works with other PCs and other basic steps have been tried, the GPU itself might be faulty.
  2. Motherboard Issue:
    • The PCIe slot on the motherboard could be faulty. Testing with another GPU would help confirm this.
  3. PSU Insufficiency:
    • Even though your PSU works with another PC, it might not be delivering enough power to your current setup, especially if the GPU requires more power.
  4. RAM Issues:
    • While you've cleaned the RAM, faulty RAM can still cause display issues. Testing with different RAM would help.

Next Steps​

If possible, borrow a compatible PSU, RAM, or GPU from a friend or a local computer shop to test. This can help identify if one of these components is causing the issue. If the problem persists after trying these steps, the motherboard could be the culprit, and you might need to consider professional diagnostics or replacement.


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Um, its funny that i'd try re-seating the ram but in the same slot, i just change it to other slot and it works, turns out one of my ram slot is broken 😂. Thanks anyway.

Tipu Sultan

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I suggested you:
Faulty GPU: Since your GTX 1060 caused issues on the old PC, it might be the problem. Try running the current PC without the GPU if your motherboard has integrated graphics.

Faulty RAM: Even though you cleaned the RAM, it's possible one of the sticks is bad. If you have more than one stick of RAM, try running the PC with just one stick at a time in different slots.

Motherboard Issues: It's possible the motherboard itself has an issue. Check for any visible signs of damage such as swollen capacitors.

CPU Issues: While less likely, a faulty CPU can cause these symptoms. If you have another compatible CPU, you could test it.