Screen flicker and BIOS settings issue


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I have a HP Pavilion 15cs3065st. The hard drive failed so I used a USB drive to download windows 11 and reinstall on a new SSD.

However now, once windows loads, the screen begins to flicker and even go blank for seconds at a time before reappearing. All my drivers and windows are up to date.

I restarted my computer and went into BIOS and selected "load default settings", save and then reboot. When I do this everything works great, no more screen flicker. But after the computer goes to sleep and wakes the flicker starts again. The only way to fix it is to restore the default settings in BIOS again. I turned off automatic windows updates but that didn't help.

Thank you!


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It sounds like a BIOS setting might be causing the issue. Try checking for any BIOS updates for your HP Pavilion 15cs3065st model. Sometimes, manufacturers release BIOS updates to address compatibility issues and improve system stability. Additionally, you could try adjusting power management settings in BIOS, such as disabling any power-saving features that might be causing conflicts with the display. If the issue persists, contacting HP support for further assistance might be beneficial.