Can't log into windows 10


New member
can't log into my Windows 10 PC because it keeps saying that the four digit password that I usually enter is incorrect so I'm able to get into the advanced options by hitting shift+restart but after trying command prompt (or any other option) it asks for my password which it keeps saying is incorrect even after going online to Microsoft and changing my password so I'm caught in a loop. PLEASE HELP!!!


Staff member
One potential solution is to try using Safe Mode to bypass the login screen. Here's how you can do it:
  1. Restart your computer.
  2. While it's restarting, continuously press the F8 key until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  3. Select "Safe Mode with Networking" using the arrow keys on your keyboard and press Enter.
Once you're in Safe Mode, you might be able to access your computer without the need for a password. From there, you can troubleshoot the login issue further or perform a system restore to a point before the problem occurred. If Safe Mode doesn't work, there are other troubleshooting steps we can try. Let me know if you need further assistance!