How do i fix the error, the pc ran into a problem


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hi guy,
my laptop (toshiba) has an issue. i turned my laptop on, and it displayed an error message saying, " the pc ran into a problem, restart the pc to fix it or we restart it for you". after some time and the pc did not restart itself, so i pressed the power button and the pc turned off, and i still pressed the button, is the power and fan led (light)that shows up, and the screen was blank. after some hours i charged the pc and i boot it, everything seems to be ok this time, but the error message still pop up, within a short time, it restart itself and i was able to use it, after some hours of usage, i shut it down. after some time i boot the pc but it still pop up the error message again, but this time it did not work. i power it off, and after some time again i still try it, it booted without the error message, on usage, it pop up a similar error message but i was unable to read it because the write-up became very blur and i stayed a little time, then i pressed the power button to turn it off, and the screen is always dark and is only the power led that brings out light.
Please i need your support dear expert.

Seems like your Toshiba laptop is giving you a run for your money, huh? Those pesky error messages can be a real pain, but fear not, I'm here to help! It sounds like you've had a rollercoaster of experiences with your laptop, from restarts to blank screens and blurry error messages. Here's what we can try: first, let's give it a little breather and shut it down completely. Then, unplug it, remove the battery (if possible), and hold down the power button for a good 10 seconds. After that, plug it back in, pop the battery back in (if you removed it), and give it another shot. Hopefully, that'll do the trick and get your laptop back in tip-top shape! If not, don't worry—I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve.