Stuttering dell g15 5530


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Hello everyone,
Since my purchase I have had a problem with the Dell G15 5530. I have a stuttering problem when I play games, it reduces when I am on battery, you can see it via this video on Youtube:
I tried a lot of solutions, updating the driver and bios, windows 10, changing ssd, changing ram, deactivating Mpo, tpm (even if I didn't find a tutorial with a bios similar to mine I can't I'm not sure I succeeded, I may have just deactivated ttp, deleted the DELL services (assistance assistance, alienware...).

I can't find a solution. Diagnostic tests do not detect anything special. For analysis of GPU, CPU etc. I don't understand so I couldn't interpret them, but I don't see anything abnormal).

Do you have a solution to offer me?