What to do when pc contains several viruses?


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Multiple viruses on your PC can be scary, but don't panic! Here's a quick action plan to save your machine:

1. Isolate and Disconnect:
  • First things first, unplug your PC from the internet. This stops the viruses from spreading or downloading more nasties.
  • Disconnect any external devices like USB drives or printers to prevent the infection from jumping off your PC.

2. Scan and Clean:
  • Fire up your antivirus software and run a full system scan. Choose the most thorough option available.
  • Let the antivirus handle the detected threats. Most will quarantine or delete them automatically. Be careful not to delete legitimate files flagged mistakenly.
  • Consider a secondary scan with Malwarebytes. It can catch viruses your primary antivirus might miss.

3. Update, Update, Update!
  • Install the latest updates for your operating system, antivirus, and all other programs. Updates often patch security holes exploited by viruses.

4. Extra Cleaning:
  • Temporary files can harbor hidden malware. Delete them using your operating system's built-in tool or a dedicated cleaner like Cleaner.
  • Run a disk scan and check for file system errors.
If you're not tech-savvy, seek professional computer services. They can handle the cleanup and ensure your PC is fully secure.