List Of Popular PC Repair Forums


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Here are a few online forums that are popular among PC enthusiasts and offer valuable discussions and assistance related to PC repair:

1. Tom's Hardware Forum: This forum covers a wide range of topics related to PC hardware, troubleshooting, and repairs. It has an active community of knowledgeable users who provide helpful advice and solutions. You can visit it at:

2. Reddit r/techsupport: This subreddit is dedicated to providing technical support and assistance to PC users. It has a large and active community where users can ask questions, seek help, and share their experiences. You can access it at:

3. BleepingComputer Forum: This forum specializes in malware removal, PC security, and general computer support. It has knowledgeable members who can provide guidance on virus removal, software issues, and other PC-related topics. You can find it here:

4. TechSpot Forums: TechSpot is a popular technology website that also hosts an active community forum. The forum covers a wide range of topics, including PC troubleshooting, hardware discussions, software support, and more. You can visit it at:

5. AnandTech Forums: AnandTech is known for its in-depth hardware reviews and analysis. The forum section provides a platform for discussions on various PC-related topics, including repairs, upgrades, and troubleshooting. You can access it at:

6. PC Repair Forum : Pcrepairforum is a computer repair forum where people discuss about computers problems and get experts solution and pc fixes.

These forums have knowledgeable communities that can help you with PC repair questions, troubleshooting, and general support. Remember to read the forum guidelines and be respectful when posting or asking for assistance.